Mankind – What Defines Us Like a Species?


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Some individuals state that what sets us apart is our intelligence, along with a number of the individuals reason that animals purely act upon instinct. I can’t accept this. Again, managing pets convinces me that not all of their actions are only instinctual. Still, it is clear that humans are making the greatest influence on the earth out of all the different species. We’ve built skyscrapers, computers, nuclear power plants. We’ve developed medicine to improve the lifespan and well being famous us, and we’ve invented weapons of mass destruction to help our wars. I don’t know that everything we’ve invented is advantageous to us, but invention and critical thought are definitely section of being human.

Human race dvd review
I believe that what makes us human is our urge, even need, to look beyond self, past the short span of life, beyond our society to find answers, and reason, and a sense of what’s next. Whilst doing so, we glance inwards at our own belief system, our morals and actions, driven from the desire for self-improvement. I do believe that human beings are, naturally, a spiritual species. From your earliest days we’ve checked out heaven, and also the world around us, to obtain the concise explaination life, and the causes of our existence.

There are numerous aspects to being human, some beautiful, some less so. We’re feeling the requirement to communicate, bond with others, express our thoughts and feelings, also to share our ideals. We love to, we dream, develop, we dance, we sing. We fight, and argue, we get angry and destructive, greedy and territorial. Human beings are complex. It won’t help that contemporary society generally seems to increasingly limit our expressions in our humanity.

Whilst laws and rules are necessary to some functioning society, the bounds and standards we impose on ourselves may have a negative influence on our very being. We criticize others they do not wear the “right” clothes, or hairstyle, or live the “right” lifestyle. We criticize just how others live, in the furniture and decorations of these homes, for their cars, their careers in addition to their holiday destination. We criticize anyone who has different views in the norm, those who are too loud, or too quiet, too sociable or otherwise not sociable enough. We mock those people who are too thin, too fat, whose hue of their skin, teeth, and general looks don’t surpass our ideal of beauty and acceptability. Where diversity and self-expression were appreciated, even needed, to acquire our species where we’re today, nowadays you have to easily fit in to become accepted.

It is no surprise that the increasing amount of people find themselves depressed, or anxious, or like simply not adequate. Using the option of the net, a sizable percentage of people has turned to their computer for solace, in the hope to find acceptance for who they are and to find those that think like they actually do. In a way, this can be helpful, differently it is a bit tragic which our species can’t be more happy with the wonderful variety of individuals humankind has to offer.

When you are evaluating meaning, and a meaning of self, it’s completely natural to look to something greater for answers. However, this should not stop us from searching us, and finding beauty and meaning in what we have seen… including those amongst us who may well be a bit “different” from your norm. In the end, who defines typical?


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